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Airplane Simulation – WebGL, NodeJS & Kinect

November 14, 2012

Airplane simulation is a webGL game I built with Mehan Jayasuriya for our Understanding Networks class. It gives a user the ability to fly an airplane with their body. As a user moves his/her arms and torso around they have full access to roll, pitch, and yaw the plane. The game uses Processing to access Kinect data and then sends it to a node.js server. On the client-side – we’re using chrome to render a webGL canvas using the Three.js library where the movement of the plane is adjusted based on the socket data coming in from the Kinect. Overall I’m hoping to build this project out further and have it live on the web soon! I want to make the gameplay controllable through a mobile device using the accelerometer – thus making it more accessible since not everyone has a Kinect on hand. I also want to make the environment more dynamic and add some shaders to render the scene better. Lastly – it would be great to have allow for collision analysis and make the game multiplayer. More to come…