AR Use Cases Concept Prototyping 2019
How augmented reality may change our everyday.
Fascinated by design applications, 3D graphics, and fictional interfaces from films - this is a series of AR concepts that explore different ways applications could exist in an augmented future. They attempt to go beyond visual spectacle by being grounded in real world use cases.

With most AR's visualizations being geared toward dystopian outlooks - this exploration is also an attempt to create concepts that use the technology in optomistic ways.
Tabletop Gaming
With a nostalgia for arcade games like Cruis'n USA - this concept demonstrates how a racing game could be translated to a table top AR experience. It's successful in visual fun, but in practical use presents new design challenges on a limited surface.
Shoe Shopping
For e-commerce applications the ability to visualize a 3D object potentially could help in a purchase decision. Inspired by the mirror computer in the movie It Follows - I attempted to recreate the shot using a new dual screen AR pocket computer.
3D Tools
Creativity applications like 3D modeling/animation are better served when viewed through AR lenses allowing the user to preceive depth. This is a subtle effect on how current displays could provide more dimension to enhance an existing 3D tool (in this case Blender).