Board VR Application 2019
The best VR whiteboard.
A simple utility app for teachers, creators, planners, and thinkers. Easily draw on a persistent whiteboard in a focused space.

Board VR comes with 5 colorful markers and a dry eraser. It allows you to scale each marker up or down, undo/redo brush strokes, and reorient/reposition the whiteboard. It also has a "dark mode" for longer sessions where you want less light.

This is my first attempt to see if productivity apps have an audience in the VR marketplace. I took inspiration in the form of simplicity from iOS apps like Notes and Paper.
"This app is one of those tools you didn't know you were missing until you have it and now, I can't imagine brainstorming without it"

"This is a MUST BUY, whether you just want an app to sketch in, or if you want to study what GOOD VR looks like!"

"A must have for anyone who's looking for an amazing canvas to ideate and sketch in VR."

"So simple! It's great! I can play with this all day"

I love the little details in this app. Useful for brainstorming in VR and ohhh that satisfying marker sound.
Tool Selection
Direct Drawing
Indirect Drawing
Marker Size Adjustment
Undo / Redo
Dark Mode
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