Daydream Interface Design 2016
Senior Interaction Designer on Google's Daydream team.
I had the pleasure to work at Google on their new Daydream platform for 2 years (2015 - 2016). During that time I helped explore/design an operating system for new technologies that were emerging in spatial computing.

I also helped to create the Rapid Prototyping group called Daydream Labs and provided application design support as Google launched their first VR headset.
System Design
Worked with a wonderful team (Chris McKenzie, Jean-Marc Dennis, Manuel Clement, & Thor Lewis) to iterate and design a new operating system for spatial computing. Did everything from concepting, interaction design, portotyping, visual design, 3D modeling and vision work.

Due NDA I unfortunately can't show more than a few abstract representations below.
Daydream Labs
Helped create Rapid Prototyping group called Daydream Labs that saught to find the "killer app" for VR/AR. Worked with Rob Jagnow, Manuel Clement, Stefan Welker, and Mike Podwal to create a joyful work culture where play and failure was encouraged.

Every week the team would build 2 prototypes, demo it to the larger Daydream org and share our learnings. We also helped bridge the gap between Daydream and the rest of Google by showing other product leads how their application could live in the spatial medium.