Google Glass Interface Design 2015
Interaction Designer on Google[x]'s Glass team.
I had the pleasure to work on Google's first head mounted display (2013 - 2015), helping to design its first consumer product in the space. I helped design the operating system, 1st party apps, and lead design for key 3rd party app partnerships.

Although Glass is historically known as a failure - it changed the way people perceive computers and challenged how we would integrate wearables into our lives.
System Design
I worked with a wonderful team (Chris McKenzie, Alok Chandel, Jen Long, Allan Yu & Angela Guzman) to create a contextual operating system that allowed for brief interactions with focused information driven by both voice and touch.
Internal Tools
I developed an internal tool to allow the design team to easily red-line/spec our work. It allowed the design team to speak with a unified voice and for engineering to easily understand implimentation for our designs.
Next Generation
I was design lead for many key features of the product including camera, photos, contact management, value sliders, system sound, and several 1st & 3rd party apps.

I also worked on some more future looking interactions and prototypes. Next gen OS can't be shown due to NDA.