Jam Toys Application 2019
A kid-friendly musical playground!
Tap, touch, swipe, pluck, and shake to play music and joyful sounds. Unique playful interactions across six insturments: triangle, strings, theremin, disc, drums and rattle.
"Such a delightful bite-sized app. A must have for anyone with a toddler ( or any other age! )"

"Ridiculously fun and a wonderful way to introduce classical and mordern instruments to kids."

"My little one loves this! Her favorite app right now!"

"App is sick. Simple. Works very well. Easy to use. Responsive. Cool sounds. Well designed. Very impressive."

"Great music collection for young kids - the disc interaction is cool! Really feels like you're spinning a record like those old days."

"Awesome! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"
Featured on the App Store for one week under the Kids category worldwide. Received App of the Day feature in Korea. Reached #6 in Music.
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