Tiny Wheels Application 2016
VR creation toy where you make tracks and drive RC cars.
When first experimenting with Virtual Reality it was very clear how powerful creatitivty tools could be. The ability to directly manipulate 3D objects is like nothing you can do with a traditional mouse and keyboard.

I also saw there was a strong interest for games. Being immersed in a 3D world lends itself for playful behavior and childlike fun.

With these two findings I aimed to create a fun toy/sandbox where you could drive a remote control car and build an environment for it race and drive in.
"This game is worth every penny and beyond!"

"Awesome. Just simply awesome."

"I was suddenly 10 years old again and reliving the joy of playing with toy cars. I was setting up jumps and courses. I couldn't stop. In spite of multiple calls to dinner. I was totally late, just like when I was 10 years old! Supreme joy!"

"This is the Best VR Game ever. I am 46, and don't play games. This is much more than a 'game' it's a virtually real experience. Games are not that. This is an outstanding use of VR."

"Had a bunch of fun with this one and my kids loved the car crashes"

"Awesome. Just simply awesome. This is basically Hot Wheels at your fingertips, to build whatever you want"
Inventory Navigation
Add / Delete Objects
Object Manipulation
Move, Rotate, & Scale
Driving Controls
Controller Tips on Shake
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