VR Interactions Concept Prototyping 2016
A new paradigm for spatial interaction with computers.
The HTC Vive and Oculus Rift launched their first consumer facing VR headsets in 2016. Excited to see where I could push this new frontier - I created several experiments to find unique interactions and interfaces using their 3D tracked controllers.
Value Slider
When creating a value slider that you can pull out of thin air and drag up or down - I realized it could be also be used to move around a world. I wrapped it in a "virtual elevator" concept as I always liked the idea of the metaverse to be a giant building where you travel from floor to floor to explore different creators worlds.
Movement, Rotation, & Scale
This is an experiment to see if movement, rotation and scale could be acheived with a single interaction. Grabbing with two controllers at the same time I created a prototype where you can seamlessly manipulate all three axis with great ease, comfort and speed.
Inventory Portal
Thinking about inventory systems and the power of portals in VR - I created a quick access bag/hole where you can store objects and pull them out on command.
Interactive Ads
Inspired by the advertisment holograms in Akira - I wanted to create a particle system based hologram. I coded a virtual 3D scanner that could turn any 3D object into a volumetric particle system. To add icing on the cake I then wrapped it in a concept where you receive a interactive virtual product from the advertisment.
Video Player
Interested in spatial manipulation I created an on-hand video player interface that easily lets you pause, play, scrub and browse. To scrub the video all you need to do is grab and drag left or right.